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Has your weight been creeping higher, and have those extra pounds kept you from the quality of life you desire? Dr. Rakesh Malik and the team of physician assistants at Doctors First offer effective medically supervised weight loss programs at clinics in Rockville, Gaithersburg and Germantown, Maryland. To get started with your individualized plan, call now or book a consultation online.

 Weight Loss Q & A

Why am I having trouble losing weight?
If you’ve tried diet and exercise but can’t lose weight, you’re not alone. There are many factors at play that may be preventing you from getting results. Some common issues are:

Genetic predisposition
Food sensitivities
Unhealthy food choices
Gut bacteria
Lifestyle factors
Hormone irregularities
Slow metabolism
Thyroid dysfunction
Lack of proper sleep
Should I see a doctor to help with weight loss?
When you struggle to lose weight despite your best efforts, medically supervised weight loss can help. At Doctors First, your healthcare team customizes a comprehensive weight loss program just for you.

Individual results vary, but most men and women lose 20 or 30 pounds within the first couple of months. Your plan includes education, support, and tools to help you map out your weight loss and maintain your results once you reach your preferred weight.

What is included in a medically supervised weight loss program?
You’ll begin with a one-on-one consultation in either of the Doctors First locations to discuss your medical history and health goals. Weight loss programs are highly individualized.

Your comprehensive program will incorporate some or all of the following:

Body composition measurements and analysis
EKG testing
Full metabolic panel
Custom nutrition plan
Health and wellness education
Appetite-suppressing medications
Weekly support, encouragement, and accountability
Nutritional supplements
Injections for enhanced energy
When you’ve completed your program and begin weight maintenance, you can opt to do further testing and take part in a hormone balancing protocol. The supportive team at Doctors First recommends consistent monthly or quarterly follow-up appointments to keep track of your weight and overall health.

Does weight loss medication really work?
In conjunction with lifestyle changes and the improvements you make during your program, weight loss medications can enhance your efforts. Studies show that men and women who use medications during a supervised weight loss program lose up to 9% more weight than those on a program without medication.

Your provider may prescribe appetite-suppressing medications to help you get to a healthy weight. Many FDA-cleared weight loss supplements and medications may be right for you.

Ready to get rid of the extra weight that’s holding you back? Call Doctors First or book your appointment online.